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These are scans of various pages of the Daily Northwestern published between 1978 and 1982.
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1979-01-15_p01_T_Storm_closes_NU 1979-01-15_p01_B_blizzard 1979-01-15_p02_TR_Banderooge 1979-01-15_p04_T_digging_out 1979-01-15_p05_T_snowy_times_bring_out_best_of_NU 1979-01-15_p07_T_diversions 1979-01-15_p12_TR_The_Score 1979-09-21_p01_T_Cats_win_vs_wyoming 1979-09-21_p03_T_New_dorms_OKd 1979-09-21_p33_T_Banderooge 1981-01-11_p01_TL_Brrrr 1981-01-11_p03_BR_Brrrr 1981-01-11_p07_T_Banderooge 1981-01-11_p08_B_NU_beats_Bobby_Knight

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